Alan Simpson
Facilitator, Leadership Coach, Mediator

Immediate contact: (778) 212-2124

Alan Simpson
Facilitator, Leadership Coach, Mediator

Immediate contact: (778) 212-2124

Background and Future Ground

Something about what is possible

Having a productive conversation, clarifying  expectations and sustaining desired outcomes is possible with the assistance of an experienced facilitator. 

Something about the journey

It all stared with personal awareness that negative conflict and unclear communication was difficult for me. That put me on a journey of self-discovery, education and a new career path. 

Something about what's important

Values reflect what matters for self identity and operational practices. Core and active values inform consistent behaviour. Here are my core values:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Mindfulness
  • Transparency
  • Accountability 


Drop me a line!

Send me a message about your situation and lets see how we can synergize to meet your needs.

I'd love to connect with you in person. 

Alan Simpson, Faciliator, Coach, Mediator

3932 Hornby Terrace, Armstrong, BC, Canada V0E 1B2

(778) 212-2124


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  • Environmental scan of workplace culture, conflict dynamics and staff relationships 
  • Crucial and difficult conversations in small and large groups 
  • Values clarification and strategic implementation  

Coaching / Training

  • Customized on site training in conflict management, respectful communication and leadership development 
  • Individual and team coaching in leadership and team development 


  • Collaborative interest based mediation for staff, managers, boards and employees
  • Facilitated conversation for small and large groups that require an interested based mediation process 

Education and Career Path

BTH, MA and ConRes

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management, SFU (candidate 2018)
  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Third Party, JIBC, New Westminster 
  • Master of Conflict Analysis and Management, RRU Victoria BC
  • Bachelors of Theology, NBTCS, Vancouver BC

Work Experience

  • Facilitator and Instructor 
  • Interest Based Mediator 
  • Leader of faith based organizations
  • Business owner
  • House builder


  • Born in Scotland
  • Lived in Winnipeg and all over BC
  • Worked in India, Korea, China, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UK, Hong Kong, US


  • Married to eternal best friend
  • 2 daughters with son-in-laws, 6 grandsons
  • Love living in Armstrong BC


  • Lifelong learning
  • Motorcycle riding 
  • Renovating
  • Labradoodling


  • To be fully present in whatever situation comes my way
  • To be deeply satisfied with what I offer to others and how I help others find fulfillment in life and work


A sample of clients

  • Justice Institute of BC 
  • BC Hydro, Fortis BC
  • Ministry of Forest, Highways
  • Thompson River University
  • University of BC, Kelowna
  • Great West Equipment
  • Deaf Children's Society
  • School District #23, #8, #22, #67
  • Dental, Veterinarian Clinics
  • Leadership Victoria 
  • Salvation Army, Canada
  • Churches and non-profit groups
  • Canadian Professional Counselors Association

Comments about coaching

  •  "Alan is clearly a highly skilled coach with an impressive depth of experience.  What made Alan effective for me? First, he has the rare  skill of putting a person at ease while asking deep and powerful  questions.  He made me work hard and I enjoyed doing it! In addition, he  brought a lot of value-added input.  Besides asking me the right  questions, he always had a resource for me to work with following our  sessions. These resources are now tools I will continue to use on an  ongoing basis."
  •  "Alan listened to me carefully, identified key issues insightfully,  and directed me to a good resource helpfully.  I highly recommend Alan  as a conflict coach." 

Comments about mediation

  •  "Alan was engaged in a mediation process for the period of about 15  months.  During this time frame his counsel and his experience in  dealing with a  number of issues helped us.  Alan skillfully negotiated  the conversation towards an agreement. He facilitated mediation between  individuals, and between individuals and groups. He led us well  demonstrating active listening skills, appropriate questioning,  reframing the conversation when needed.  He was able to skillfully  unpack power issues, and meet them with direction when needed. He showed  skill in patience, empathy and demonstrated an impartial approach."

Comments about faciliation

  •  "Having worked with Alan in various situations over the past couple  of years, I am continually amazed at his effectiveness as a facilitator,  mediator, teacher and coach.  Not only does he have these skills at the  highest levels, he also has a "sixth sense" about what is happening  within individuals and groups.  I have personally watched him lead  groups with very complex conflict through transforming processes that  allow them to move forward and realize greater health.  I have the  utmost confidence in Alan."  

Comments from faith group

  •  "We invited Alan to continue to work with us as a church coach  following the assessment.  He met with our leadership and gave them good  tools to enable better communication and spiritual discernment. They  were able to spend time making critical decisions within an environment  of trust and independence.  Alan also worked with a larger group, helping us come to a common understanding of our purpose.   This group found that the time together, listening to one another and  sharing honestly,. was very valuable for ongoing ministry as a church.   Alan has been available to our leaders through phone calls and  face-to-face coaching. His insights have been presented in a manner that  allows for us to decide what it is that we need to do.  We would  recommend Alan to any church that is finding conflict to be detrimental  to the body or a church that is seeking to know how better to fulfill  God's commission to them."  

Comments about the process

  •  "Alan entered this diseased environment as a transitional coach.  Alan initiated a comprehensive survey, private interviews and group  forums.  At these events, Alan would facilitate and bring an agenda with  a few issues or concerns to be tackled.  These issues were broken down  into specific topics and prioritized, all with group consensus.  Alan  set and enforced guidelines for constructive and respectful discussion.  As a facilitator, Alan was able to help people express their thoughts  and feelings more fully by being patient, listening intently to them,  asking open-ended questions and then reflecting back to them what he  heard them say.  Before moving to a different issue, Alan would  summarize the current discussion, ensure that all were ready to move on  and, if relevant, help to formulate an action plan with its timely  execution.  Considering the number of people involved and the limited  time at the meetings, much good was accomplished.  Alan did a remarkable  job.  Probably the most important thing was Alan not only teaching us  about communication and conflict but modeling it for us during these  times.  Alan did a wonderful job to guide us to safety when we were  "lost in the wilderness."